Sunday, November 22, 2009

Jamey Johnson/Randy Houser !!!!

Lastnight we went to the Jamey Johnson and Randy Houser concert at the Alabama Theatre. I won tickets and meet and greet passes off of 102.5 the Bull !!! We had an awesome time! It was really fun getting to meet with Jamie at the radio station before the concert. We also learned that he too has a little girl named Kylee ! She was there and she is gorgeous . She is five . James Otto even made a suprise appearance . He was really good also ! All together yesterday was just a great day ! Hope everyone has a blessed week and a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Anthony Serio III !!!!!!!!!!!!!

This past Saturday my best friend April got married to the man of her dreams. I am so excited for them . April has waited so long for this day . I think that everything turned out PERFECT. April looked beautiful . These are some pictures that Christie took , I think they look really great !! Congratulations to April and Joey !!!!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Easy Salsa Dip Recipe !!

Enjoy !!!!

Ingredients :
1 8oz block of softened cream cheese
1 Jar of your favorite salsa
1 bag of shredded cheese
1 bag of scoop chips

Directions :

Using an 8 x 8 baking pan , you will press the cream cheese evenly against the bottom of the pan making your bottom layer .
Next you will pour the salsa evenly to make the middle layer
Lastly you will cover top layer completely with shredded cheese
Bake @ 350 degrees until cheese is bubbling .

Serve hot with scoop chips .
*** Great for game days ***

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The Butler's
Missy (Two Little Monkeys)

Sunday, November 1, 2009


This year was so much fun. Last year Kyleigh really didn't know what was going on , but this year she really seemed to enjoy herself. Christie and I had a photo session with the girls before heading out to trick or treat!!! I LOVE all the new pictures(thanks Aunt Christie). I think Kyndle's favorite part of the whole day was getting to play with the pretty leaves !!! Little Grady stopped in just in time for Christie to snap a few pictures of him also . He is sooooo cute !! We took the girls to Concord Baptist Church first (that was Kevin's favorite stop because they had FOOD haha). It was a lot of fun , Kyleigh even got to adopt a pet (stuffed animal) and we named it Abbey , because she can say Abbey so clear right now !! It is soooo cute! After that , we went around Christie's neighborhood , and then headed over to some of our family's houses to show our little ladybugs off !!! Everything was perfect and we had an awesome time this year !!! Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween and have a great week !!!!