Friday, March 27, 2009

Enjoying my day off!!!

I took the day off today so that I could take care of some doctor visits and then spend the day with Kyleigh, Christie, and Kyndle !! We had so much fun . We went to a craft show in Gardendale and of course we bought lots of bows for the girls!! Kyleigh and Kyndle got to meet the Easter bunny for the first time. Kyleigh LOVED him, she just looked at him and started smiling everytime. I really enjoyed having a girls day out , we got a lot of shopping accomplished :) Hope everyone has a great weekend !!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

My sweet little girl is 7 months old already!!!

Time really does fly by , I did not realize it as much until I became a mommy. Kyleigh is starting to show more and more of her little personality !! I love it ! She is saying "DaDa"all the time now , I just can't get her to say "MaMa" yet , but I know I will hear it soon!! Here are some recent pictures of her !!! Hope everyone has a great week ! Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!


Thursday, March 5, 2009

Home Sweet Home !!

We finally got moved into our new home about a week ago and I love it !! It is in Oak Grove and we have 24 acres of land with it ! Kevin and I are so excited about it and can't wait to make many memories there !!!!
Here are a few pictures that I have taken of it so far !